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Share Local is a collaboration between Mike Erskine and Sally Hughes. It is a work of love, and hope for a better future.

We have a vision of a more beautiful world. Our aim is to connect people, projects and places, for social good. We are working to support the growth of the sharing movement.

We join people, places and projects across the city of Cardiff and beyond who are part of the sharing movement – sharing services, products, skills, knowledge and other stuff. We are coming together as community groups, networks and local organisations to make our neighbourhoods better, healthier, more connected and more social place to live.

We are just getting started. We are on a journey, finding out who and what is where, and we are making an online directory of social good.

Wales has a growing network of people delivering projects and initiatives, working to create a fairer, more socially just, environmentally sustainable and regenerative places. It’s about meeting people’s needs in ethical and sustainable ways.

Globally, activity like this is known as the sharing movement. It is thriving in many places, from Amsterdam to Norwich, and from London to Utrecht.

Sharing movement projects have a set of values in common that put people and environment first and are created to meet a need in their community. They are all contributing to creating an alternative economy that serves everyone.

We are mapping the sharing movement in Cardiff and the surrounds, because that’s where we live. Our aim is to amplify and strengthen it. Helping people understand it better and helping those working in it to support each other.

We are collecting information from grassroots groups, neighbourhood projects, local community groups, co-ops, social enterprises and other initiatives that share the values of the sharing movement and using it to create an online directory.

We are doing this because we want to celebrate what’s happening in our communities, help local people find, support and get involved with local projects and to help projects work together.

As we grow the online hub will also build it to be a place for sharing inspiring stories, video case studies and a resources hub for community organising. We will be helping projects to tell their own stories about what they are doing in communities and support local people to share more.

We want to show how the sharing movement that exists in our communities is part of a larger movement of people all over the world.

Adding your project to the directory…

This is a directory of people, projects and places that involve sharing, exchange, barter, gift or swap. Be part of the sharing movement. Add your project to the directory and connect with others around you.

To have your group or project listed your activity or service must be free or minimal charge that covers costs only, for example membership fee for library of things, cost of ingredients or cost of room hire. 

The directory is about people and communities sharing. Businesses such as second hand stores, upcyclers, furniture restores or shoe repairers won’t be listed if they are for profit. If they are social enterprises, then that’s listed! 

Decisions about what to list are taken by a group of volunteer moderators. Listings are decided on how closely the project aligns with the values of Share Local. Your submission will be reviewed before being published to the website. For more information contact

Examples of projects and activities which define the sharing movement include:

  • Childcare circles
  • Swap shops
  • Housing coops/Co-housing
  • Local/community currencies
  • Community land trusts
  • Community gardens
  • Urban growing projects
  • Community supported agriculture
  • Lending circles
  • Community crowdfunding
  • Local food related initiatives
  • Spare room networks
  • Couch surfing
  • Tactical urbanism
  • Timebanks
  • Credit unions
  • Cooperatives
  • Coworking
  • Open source projects
  • Art collectives
  • Open public spaces
  • Healthcare collectives
  • Community owned/hyperlocal media
  • Libraries
  • Really free markets
  • Freecycle
  • Free food sharing
  • Community fridges
  • Food pantries
  • Non-profits/4th Sector
  • Progressive business
  • Open organisations
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organising
  • Community canvas
  • Platform coops
  • Maker spaces
  • Fablabs
  • Ownership of commons
  • Assets generating wealth for people, not corporations
  • P2P
  • New economics
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Living Streets groups
  • Parklets

Ways We Share: 

Gifting, Volunteering , Bartering , Sharing, Lending, Renting, Swapping, Community currency, Co-use, Do it yourself, collaborative consumption. Access over Ownership is central to the movement. 

Alternative economies:

  • Gift
  • Foundational
  • Circular
  • Collaborative
  • Steady-state
  • Solidarity


Share Local emerged from Cardiff Transition, a not-for-profit, volunteer run, constituted community group. We are supported by the Big Lottery Awards for All. As time goes on we are morphing and changing.

We are everything to do with caring, listening, trusting, challenging, bonding, changing, sustaining, questioning, learning, creating, negotiating and growing. It’s about relationships and meaning-making.

It’s also about the social issues we aim to address, including unsustainable resource use, reinvigorating civic engagement and participation and reconnecting – community building.

Julian Aygeman, author of Sharing Cities says we must ‘redefine consumption as a collaborative shared co-production of services and products supplying fundamental human needs’. We are on it!

We need your help to build the directory! Let’s build it together.

Invite a project to be in the directory. We need your help to spread the word.

If you know a project that should be in the directory, copy the text below to send them an invite. Cut and paste this text into an email and send to your contacts.

Share Local is working to map the sharing movement in the city. They are creating an online directory of all the people and projects working to create a just and sustainable city, meeting the needs of the community in ways that put people and planet first. They want to celebrate what’s happening, help local people find, support and get involved with local projects and help projects work together. They are asking people to add their projects to the online directory at where you can also find out more.

Get in touch on and find Share Local on social media.