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Creative Commons Cardiff

A Cardiff wide movement campaigning for community-owned and run cultural spaces. Our call to action was issued on 1.5.19.

Our City is rapidly loosing affordable spaces as developers and corporate interests encroach. These spaces are the test beds for enterprising, ethical, experimental, grassroots creative and cultural practice. Spaces where we explore, rehearse, take risk, reflect, interrogate, converse and share.

Creative Commons Cardiff is a movement set up to collectively and collaboratively campaign with and on behalf of individuals, groups and organisations working at the grassroots of the creative and cultural sectors across the City. Our long term vision is to develop innovative, community-owned and run cultural spaces. Rather than exist at the behest of developers and landlords we would elect to set our own rules, run our own spaces and have an equal say.

Our ethos is rooted in citizenship, mutuality and collective action. We intend to develop a mutually beneficial community powered network of cultural spaces that are not only supportive but also radically entrepreneurial and economically sustainable. We will do this through a process of dialogue, collaboration and – if needs be – we are not afraid to drive policy development. It is time for action.

‘Culture and the arts can make a massive positive difference across all aspects of city-life, culture, but this is now under threat. A decade of austerity has left the financial model which underpins culture in British cities creaking at the seams. It will soon be in crisis. New solutions and radical changes are needed, recognizing the simple truth that the traditional approach to funding and supporting culture in the Core Cities is broken.’ CCLR & Leader Huw Thomas, Cultural Cities Enquiry

We propose working together towards a radical alternative. Plan C. Our immediate priority is to call for Community Assemblies to be a key part of a radical new progressive approach to planning – rooted in the local to mutual benefit with a new model of s106/CIL driven community fund.