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Discover the Severn

Discover the Severn is a community-focused project aiming to connect – or reconnect coastal communities with the coastline of the Severn Estuary to promote healthier lifestyles, improved access to nature and nature-based learning, and personal well-being.

The project is based in three communities in South Wales: Castleland in Barry, Grangetown in Cardiff and Pilgwenlly in Newport.

Two activity packs will be left in each community (see the map for the locations) for use by groups, centres and individuals, containing activities to get out and Discover the Severn! These include Coastal Geocaching trails, fitness scavenger hunts, Litter Bingo and the Call of the Severn – an immersive audio experience. Also included will be guides on the wildlife and history of the Severn!

We are often out and about with our Discover the Severn stand and nature sessions, including a rock pool with treasures from the Rocky Shore of the Severn!