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Green Squirrel Railway Street Project

Green Squirrel aims to create a safe place in the heart of Splott and Adamsdown for the community to come together and grow more resilient by sharing skills, creating connections, producing food, and building shared community assets. Shipping container business spaces will help develop the local economy and bring new people into the area, while the green living aspects of the site will support well-being and combat isolation and loneliness.

The site, a former public park and more recently a works yard for Carillion, runs between Railway Street and the train tracks, just a short walk from Splott Road and Clifton Street. Once the site opens it will offer affordable work spaces for local businesses, a hub for community events and celebrations, food growing and a wild play area, and a variety of other facilities and services that will be chosen and designed in partnership with local people. Suggestions offered so far include bike repair facilities, a tool library, a chicken coop, bee hives, and a community fridge.

Green Squirrel is a social enterprise creating opportunities for greener living. We work with communities, businesses, and organisations to empower those with a passion for sustainability to take action and change their life, their community, and their world for the better. Founded in 2012 (as Green City Events) we deliver national projects and campaigns and a programme of local events across Cardiff and South Wales.

Green Squirrel is a not for profit Community Interest Company. This means that the work we do aims to benefit and improve our surrounding communities and that any profit created by the business is put straight back into the pot to achieve this, rather than into an individual’s pocket.

Our Values
Courage – We believe in the power of individual and community action to change the world for the better.

Sharing – We believe that practical skills and shared knowledge are key to creating connected, resilient communities.

Hope – We strive for an honest, positive, and practical approach to sustainability engagement that swaps the narrative of guilt and despair for one of hope, change, and growth.